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InNovo is hiring!

InNovo is currently hiring for several exciting positions based in Central Florida, primarily related to transportation engineering jobs in the state. We're seeking top talent for the roles of Roadway Design Project Manager, PD&E Project Manager, Senior Data Analyst, and Highway Design Engineer. If you're passionate about making a difference in the communities of Florida and beyond, InNovo is the place for you. Join our dynamic team and help shape the future of transportation. We offer competitive compensation packages, excellent benefits, and a supportive work environment. Apply today by clicking the link below and become part of the InNovo family!

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Happy Pi Day!

Pi is the first Greek letter of the Greek word, perimetros, which loosely translates to circumference. Whether you discuss the significance of the number “π”, its origin, or if you just eat “Pie” today, InNovo hopes you have a wonderful Pi Day!

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Happy International Women's Day!

InNovo celebrates International Women's day by recognizing the achievements of women throughout history.

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March 7th is Alexander Graham Bell Day!

Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell, in addition to working in medical research invented the telephone, the telegraph, the photophone, aerial vehicles, and hydroplanes? InNovo is always inspired by iconic visionaries that use technology to transform how modern life functions making it easier, faster, better and more fun!  

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Happy Presidents' Day!

This Monday, we celebrate Presidents' Day and honor the inspiring leaders who have shaped our country. At InNovo, we believe in the power of leadership and innovation to drive progress and success, and our proprietary AI software, InNovo Platform as a Service or 'iPaaS' is a testament to that. With iPaaS, we're able to offer solutions for safety and early incident detection, pilots and before & after studies, expanded access to accurate real-time data, proactive management of the transportation network, and validation of accuracy for deployed equipment.

Let's remember the achievements of our past leaders and use the tools at our disposal to create a brighter future. Happy Presidents' Day from the team at InNovo!

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Bring your transportation project to life with 3D visualization!

Did you know that InNovo has the latest tools and software to create stunning 3D visualizations that bring projects to life, making it easier for the public to understand complex scenarios and get excited about transportation improvements?

These visuals are an invaluable tool for helping the public understand and visualize transportation improvements and can be a powerful way to showcase the benefits of a project which ultimately helps with stakeholder consensus.

The ability to “visualize” complex transportation improvements early on in projects is key. From real-to-life typical sections to interactive 3D models to realistic model realistic traffic flows from simulation models, InNovo can help you communicate your ideas and plans in a way that is easy for the public to understand.

In addition to our 3D capabilities, we also provide videography, video editing, web-based VR rooms and narration services to help bring your visualizations and presentations to life. By providing the public with these latest visualization tools, they can get a better sense of what the proposed improvements will look and feel like and see how they will fit into the surrounding community.

If you're looking for a way to showcase your transportation projects and build stakeholders consensus, consider using 3D visualizations. A picture is worth a thousand words! Contact InNovo today to learn more about how we can help!

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Deadline to renew your PE is fast approaching!

As a Professional Engineer, it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest industry developments and best practices. At InNovo we prioritize maintaining out team’s PE licenses and continually fostering professional development and education. Whether it's taking courses, attending conferences, or staying engaged with peers, the InNovo team is committed to being the best engineers we can be for our clients and community.

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Project Management Professionals (PMPs) at InNovo

InNovo delivers value to our clients and stakeholders with certified PMP as part of the project team striving to have procedures, practices and operations go right, on time, on budget and consistently done.  At InNovo, the PMP certification ensures to the company and to our clients that the project and program management services delivered have proven management experience, expertise, skill, and leadership applied in any way the work is done.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is an unbiased validation and proof issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI) that the certified professional represents an elite group of project managers with proven leadership, people, process, business experience and expertise committed to excellence while keeping a fresh perspective of management principles applied in the day to day at the workplace.

Did you know?  The PMP certification is often compared to the Bar exam for lawyers as professionals with this certification demonstrate an extremely high level of understanding in project management in all industries. Of course, you need to pass the Bar to practice law and you don’t need a PMP to be a project manager, but having this certification creates confidence for our clients that their project will be managed well from start to finish.

“In our changing world, project professionals must be more nimble and resourceful than ever to keep pace and create impact.” (“PMI”)

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How SharePoint has changed the way InNovo collaborates.

Did you know that Microsoft® SharePoint® has been streamlined to improve team and project collaboration that may already be included in your organization’s Office 365 subscription? At InNovo, we have leveraged SharePoint to optimize our internal processes. We support our clients to integrate SharePoint for secure organization, storage and collaboration on data and documents, and workflows to streamline business processes. Our team has used PowerApps and automated notification workflows to create timesheet processes, product collaboration, schedule tracking, and project delivery.

From document or task status tracking to automated notifications, the InNovo team has used SharePoint capabilities for projects and company-wide collaboration. If you would like a demo or would like to collaborate, please feel free to reach out!

#Sharepoint #Innovo #collaboration #workflow #powerapps #organization #transportation

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Let's all have a stellar 2023!

From all of us at InNovo we hope you all had a Happy New Year and let’s all have a stellar 2023! All of us here at InNovo are planning for a great 2023 by continuing to invest in our team – our biggest asset and deliver innovative solutions to support mobility and transportation safety!

#HappyNewYear #accomplishments #manythanks #appreciateeverysecond #newyearnewopportunities #transportationsafety #teamwork #mobility #innovate #innovo

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Who's ready for the New Year?!

Who’s ready for the New Year?! Here at InNovo we want to say thank you to all who contributed to such a great year of success!  Our biggest accomplishment for 2022 is to have enhanced our phenomenal team and are looking forward to doing amazing things! #accomplishments #manythanks #appreciateeverysecond #newyearnewopportunities #transportationsafety #teamwork #mobility #innovate #innovo

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Happy Holidays!

InNovo wants to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. #holidayseason #holiday #tistheseason #cheer #happyholidays #happynewyear #innovo

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InNovo Honors Wright Brothers Day

This Saturday, December 17th, InNovo honors #WrightBrothersDay. Imagine the mobility impacts if the Wright brothers had not used innovative concepts and cutting-edge technology. At InNovo our team thinks out of the box, and we encourage our peers to join us as we assist our clients to focus on mobility while advancing the transportation industry.

As we remember the Wright brothers' achievements, let's reflect on how technology is working its way towards profound change in the transportation industry. It all starts with InNovation...  #wrightbrothers  #outofthebox #innovation #transportation #engineering #change #team #technology #planning

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InNovo Recognizes Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

It’s #OlderDriverSafetyAwarenessWeek and at InNovo Partners our goal is to assist our clients enhance the safety of the multimodal transportation network for all users. Did you know, that according to FHWA drivers aged 65+ are involved in fewer crashes but make up twice as many fatalities than other age groups? As per FDOT, in less than a decade - by 2030 - 1 in 4 drivers throughout the state of Florida will be in this age category. As part of older driver safety awareness week, FDOT encourages drivers 65 and older to understand the impact aging has on their daily lives, such as commuting, how to be proactive about safe driving skills, and plan for a secure transition away from driving.

FDOT's Safe Mobility for Life Coalition ( provides resources such as building a personalized transportation plan, Carfit workshops, Mature Driver Discount Codes, AARP's SmartDriver Safety Course. Please see the annual Working Together Webinar and many other videos available on #SafeMobilityforLife YouTube channel.

Our industry is hard at work advancing solutions like:

· Increase the visibility of pavement markings at all times of the day and night, and in all weather conditions.

· Install and maintain crosswalks that are easier to see.

· Provide advance notice with legible street signs.

· Add (and replace when they go missing) reflective plates to traffic signals.

· Continue to monitor and study traffic conditions that may adversely affect older drivers and take action.

The InNovo Team encourages all of us to be aware of the aging population that composes a large percentage of users in Florida.

#SafeandmobileseniorsOrg #SafeMobilityFL #driversafety #ODSAW #bemindful #olderdriversafety #respectourelders #healthandsafety #safety #safetyfirst #staysafe #besafe #safesystem #workingtogether

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Many thanks to Orlando Business Journal for featuring Melissa Gross, P.E. of InNovo Partners as 1 of 9 business leaders making a difference in Central Florida!

Many thanks to Orlando Business Journal for featuring Melissa Gross, P.E. of InNovo Partners as 1 of 9 business leaders making a difference in Central Florida, featured in the Community Impact Heroes' article from the Dec 2-8, 2022 publication.

Melissa Gross has high hopes for Central Florida’s transportation foundation, but there are some lingering challenges.

The two big hurdles: policy and funding, said the president and co-founder of Orlando based transportation engineering technology/data management firm InNovo Partners. LLC.

“With so many technology advancements in infrastructure, original equipment manufactures [automobile makers] and data availability, it would be ideal if policies could be updated to keep up with these trends more dynamically. With the overall economic climate in the U.S. and the world, funding most likely will be a challenge nationally and locally.”

A prime area in need of investment is transportation systems connectivity, she said.

“You can reduce the [time between buses], and that’s great. You can increase frequency, that’s what we need, but we also need to make sure pedestrians, bicyclists and mobility-challenged users can get between modes as best as they can so they can finish their last-mile journey and get to those jobs.”

Here’s more from Melissa Gross:

  • What are your top priorities in 2023 to continue addressing transportation needs?
    • Expanding the incorporation of big data and artificial intelligence into transportation workflows. We are exploring how to predict and model traffic flow, predict crashes, and expanding how our computer vision and artificial intelligence software iPaaS [integration platform as a service] can support and enhance transportation planning, operations, and maintenance processes.
  • How can the business community contribute to improve transportation?
    • The business community has several options to contribute to the transportation discussion. A lot of it has to do with how we grow as a community, the connection between land use and transportation, and alternative delivery schedules. How does the transportation network support economic development and how does economic development drive transportation development? Getting supplies in and goods out to customers is dependent on transportation and a lot of urban areas have explored alternate freight delivery schedules to alleviate congestion. From a customer perspective, access to business using a safe transportation network is key - and that means last mile connectivity for all modes of transportation.

-Richard Bilbao. Digital Producer/Senior Staff Writer - Orlando Business Journal.

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For #NationalComputerSecurityDayInNovo Partners wants to raise awareness about cyber security. With IT professionals that have over 25 years’ experience, InNovo guides our clients to maintain their cyber security which starts with a strong password. The use of a strong, longer, and difficult to guess password with a mix of upper/lower case alphabetical and numeric characters with character substitution is paramount to keeping your data safe. It doesn't matter how good your firewall, anti-virus and malware apps are, without a strong password, computer security can only go so far. Worldwide, humans are the still the weakest link  in cyber defense.

National Computer Security Day is designed to raise awareness about cyber security issues, and to help people maintain robust online security. InNovo can help your business shore up your cyber defenses and if the worst happens, help you recover your data. Avoid having costly losses and let InNovo manage your IT business processes. We proactively keep your critical systems running to lighten the load on your end, maximize your resources, and fill skill gaps so you can take advantage of the latest technology.
#business #data #cybersecurity #cyberdefense #computersecurity #malware #cyber #security #experience #technology #people #help

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InNovo Partners Selected as a 2021 GrowFL Companies to Watch Honoree

InNovo Partners is pleased to be among the top 50 second-stage companies in Florida selected as a 11th Annual GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch honorees.

InNovo Partners Hires Rodrigo Nunez