Thanks for your interest to joining InNovo’s team!

We are passionate about positively influencing the transportation industry by applying innovative methodologies and technologies, our success relays on our talented team!

InNovo is a boutique engineering firm that lives and breathes innovation! That is reflected in our company's structure, benefits, and working style. If you want to join a team that takes pride for what we do, makes a difference in the community and people’s lives, and grows together, you are at the right place!

Currently, we have open positions!

If you are passionate about transportation and technology innovations, have good work ethics and think that you can leave a positive footprint in the industry and our community, send us your resume!

Application instructions are within the job descriptions.

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Internship Opportunities

InNovo is passionate about creating a nurturing environment for young professionals on the verge of entering the market place, by fostering an innovative company culture, encouraging collaboration and the sharing of ideas, and creating an environment to learn side by side with leaders in the transportation and technology industries.

Send us your resume and thoughts on how you could add value to a creative and fast pace team by applying innovation to the transportation and technology industries. Reach out to us via LinkedIn!